Plainfield Bible Church - Mask Policy

Good Day PBC, 

After some questions, we thought it best to send out an email concerning what we will be doing this Sunday in light of the new mask mandate handed down from the governor. First off, we know that not everyone is in agreement with the mandate. Secondly, we are also aware that churches are exempt from the same application of the mandate that would be enforced in other gatherings. Please understand our position. We are not acquiescing to unreasonable requests. As a church, we have been shown grace by the governor that is entirely absent for churches in some states, and for that reason, we wish to be a positive testimony to both those within our body and those looking in from the outside. With that being said, here is what we would like to do this coming Sunday: 

  1. We request that masks be worn in the common areas of the building and when interacting with others (ages 8 and up). 
  2. Chairs will be further spaced out in the auditorium to accommodate social distancing, so when you are seated with your family, you may remove your mask. 
  3. In the Sunday school classrooms, teachers and children will also be able to remove their masks while maintaining social distance measures.  

If you have a medical condition that exempts you from wearing a mask, then you will not be required to do so. Also, please know that we will not be acting as the mask police, and no one will be forced to do anything against their will or asked to leave. You will be given liberty and grace, and we ask that you offer us and all in attendance the same. Dustin Benge, provost at Union School of Theology, recently tweeted the following on how Christians should deal with masks, and the elders would ask that we strive to adhere to these principles: 

  1. Be governed by conscience. 
  2. Respect Christian liberty. 
  3. Don’t judge others. 
  4. Refuse to lord over others. 
  5. Stop being prideful. 
  6. Obey laws. 
  7. Don’t be fools, be wise. 

Being able to worship together again has been an amazing blessing, and we pray that this would not hinder us in our worship or our fellowship in the coming weeks. We will make evaluations on a weekly basis moving forward so please continue to pray for us as we attempt to make decisions in coming weeks that honor our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, and we look forward to worshiping with you Sunday! 


In Christ, 

The Elders of Plainfield Bible Church