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Welcome to PBC

Our church began in the 1960's as a small, family Bible study in the home of Dr. John Sproule.  Now, decades later, while many things have changed, the "main thing" has not...

things to expect

Expect a warm welcome. Greeters will help guide you and answer your questions from childcare to directions. People usually gather early to interact and enjoy coffee. Sunday mornings consist of various class offerings followed by the corporate worship service. The format includes scripture reading, prayer, singing and sermon.

Who you'll meet

Our leadership consists of Pastor Emeritus Kevin Kottke, elders, and deacons. PBC is full of volunteers serving in different ministries. Expect a range of christians, non-christians, members, visitors, families and ages. Ultimately - expect a Church with people seeking to believe, study and live the Gospel --> salvation from our sin and penalty of hell through faith in Jesus Christ and His substitute death on the cross.

What you'll hear

The Bible is God's Word and sufficient for life and eternity. This truth impacts our lives, relationships and communities. We strive to have an accurate view of who God is and who we are.  Ultimately, we aim to glorify God in every aspect of life.

What We Believe

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