Care Group Discussion Questions - November 17, 2019

November 17, 2019 | Care Group Discussion Questions by Dave McManus

1. What details in Chapter 11 point once again to God being the
driving force behind Israel’s victory?
2. Why is the destruction of the horses and chariots especially
important to the mission of the Israelites?
3. Discuss the process of the Lord hardening the hearts of the
Canaanites. What purpose did it serve? How are the kings still
responsible for their actions?
4. How does the inclusion of the expulsion of the Anakim from the
hill country (vv.21-22) tie both earlier and later events in
Israelite history together?
5. In v. 23, the land has rest from war. How is “rest” used in
Scripture? How tenuous is this rest? What ultimate rest do we
look to in the future?

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